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The world population will exceed nine billion by 2050, requiring a 50% increase in food production. To generate a sufficient food supply, animal agriculture must utilize advanced technologies to produce efficient and productive livestock.

Maxximilk's team provides advanced professional support services, steering large dairy enterprises towards radically increased milk production and significantly enhanced profitability. With extensive experience in the field of domestic animals, Maxximilk's embryologists specialize in combining cutting-edge cryobiology and reproduction techniques.


Embryo transfer combines both elite male and elite female factor enabling genetic progress of 100%, (and not only 50% as when practicing AI or NS) within one generation (roughly three years).

Incorporating a breeding center as part of a dairy farm can help the farm bypass decades-long breeding programs and acquire new herds of champion milk-producing cows within only 32 months.

Breeding center

IVF laboratory set up & guidance throughout the entire process, until the lab is up and successfully running.

Services - Global services Breeding center

IVF Laboratory Set Up

  • Go/No-Go analysis & operational business plan

  • Laboratory layout design and workflow

  • Selection of equipment and supplies associated with IVF

  • Plasticware and consumable safe for IVF use

Lab Training

  • In-Vitro embryo production techniques

  • Quality control & quality assurance

  • Embryo evaluation, transfer & cryopreservation

  • Donor and recipient synchronization protocols

Services - Global services IVF Laboratory Set Up

Dairy farm set up and management

Maxximilk is experienced in all aspects of dairy farming, enabling a holistic solution from design to operation & management of large dairy farm projects worldwide. A large dairy farm is a business that requires substantial considerations prior to execution. Our mission is to support our clients in establishing leading dairy farms that can capitalize on advanced professional, experience & advanced agro-technologies.

Maxximilk's team provides advanced professional support services, whilst steering large dairy enterprises towards radically increased milk production along with significantly enhanced profitability. With extensive hands-on experience in dairy herd management Maxximilk’s professional team will accompany the entire process:

Services- Global Servises -Dairy farm set up and management op1
Design and construction of new open ventilated barns
Improved breeding and set up reproductive techniques
Herd development program
Enhanced genetic progress through embryo transfer technologies
Continuous herd health management
Improved calf and heifer management
Improved feed and feeding operations
Advanced tools for managerial decisions
Applying modern milking systems

After studying each client and its project, Maxximilk USA will customize its services and offer a detailed proposal specifically tailored to the client’s needs to ensure client satisfaction.

International Embryo Trade

Access to some of the best genetics is readily available in the form of embryos. Enriched your herd’s genetic diversity by simply purchasing high-quality embryos and transferring them to your local recipient cows.

Advantages of International Embryo trading

  • Whilst prohibitive transportation expenses for live animals is eliminated, the cost of shipping an entire herd in the form of cryopreserved embryos is less than the price of a regular airfare!

  • Enhanced cattle health & elimination of disease-risks involved in hosting heifers from other farms

  • Introduce the herd to new bloodlines in a safe and disease-free manner

  • Diversify your herd’s gene pool

Services- Global Servises -Advantages of International Embryo trading