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Beef Cattle 

Beef cattle farmers deal with various challenges like changing economies, unpredictable cattle markets, droughts, land use rules, and higher costs. In their continuous pursuit of enhancing herd management, cattle farmers often turn to advanced techniques like cattle IVF (in vitro fertilization) and embryo transfer (ET) programs.

Today, ET calves make a lot more profit compared to just using natural ways (NS) or artificial insemination (AI), showing how valuable ET has become. As farmers work through these challenges, the success of ET calves shows a way to have successful and thriving cattle farming by using smarter techniques.

Beef Cattle for IVF
Beef Cattle for IVF

Advantages of IVF in Beef Cattle

  • Build your own high performing sustainable seedstock
  • Improve your herd’s desirable traits including maternal ability, growth rate & energetic efficiency, disease resistance, carcass yield & quality
  • Meeting market requirements with improved overall productivity & uniformity

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