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Manipulation of genetics in a population has a long-standing history in animal agriculture and initially occurred through selection practices based on characteristics or specific production traits. With the increasing demand to maximize performance, while maintaining well-rounded, healthy dairy and beef producers, animal biotechnology has also advanced, offering faster and more accurate selection methods in the form of cattle artificial insemination.

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The biotechnology industry is rapidly evolving and embracing in-vitro models, including cattle artificial insemination (AI) techniques. This approach offers a more sustainable and controlled environment compared to live animals, which no longer need to be sacrificed. Pre-implantation embryos and oocytes are used in research applications such as genetic disease testing, toxicity testing, or medical device evaluation. Furthermore, embryonic stem cells can be derived from the inner cell mass of a preimplantation embryo at the blastocyst stage. These cells encompass the potential to develop into the body’s different cells and organs and are therefore highly versatile.