The superior genetic qualities of Maxximilk's cows

It seems perfectly logical that the world's highest annual milk yield per cow has been achieved in Israel - "The Land flowing with Milk and Honey". But when you consider the heat, humidity, limited land and water resources and the plethora of veterinary issues that needed to be overcome, Israel's dairy achievements can only be described as illogical... In 2008, Israel's estimated national herd of 100,000 Holstein-Friesians produced an average annual yield per cow of 11,950 Kg of milk, 374 kg of Protein and 413 kg of fat (That same year, the best performing cow yielded over 18,400 Kg of milk!).
But... there's more. This extraordinarily high yield is not simply "milk". It is rich, top-quality milk, with remarkably low bacterial and somatic cell counts. Superior genetic achievements have also resulted in smaller calves for easier calving, which in turn reduces veterinary costs and fertility problems.

Why do Maxximilk's cows have such superior genetic qualities?

Hard work and perseverance! More than 80 years of inbreeding; and continuous improvements made to Israel's cow herds (ever since the first dairy was established in 1926).
There is also the Israel Cattle Breeders Association (ICBA), which acts for the benefit of Israel's dairy farmers. The jewel in ICBA's crown is probably the world's most comprehensive herd book. Detailed information on every cow in the country is stored in ICBA's database. This includes milk production, milk laboratory tests, genetic lines, calves born, health, treatments and much more. As ICBA oversees all breeding activities, details of every insemination are uploaded to the organisation's database, using portable terminals.

About the sires

Each year, a panel of breeding experts tests and evaluates fifty new bulls, five of which are added to the existing team of twenty that account for approximately 350,000 inseminations per year. The new bulls are selected for their ability to transmit outstanding genetic characteristics for highest yields of milk and milk components, excellent fertility, longevity, and for the production of cows with exceptionally healthy udder characteristics.
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